U11 Competition Rules

In addition to the General Competition Rules, the following shall apply:

1. Where possible, the pitch shall be 20 yards in length.

2. The visiting side shall provide a new or good quality four and three quarter ounce ball.

3. As at 1st September the previous year, all boys under the age of 11, all girls under the age of 12 and all children with learning difficulties* under the age of 13 shall be eligible to play.

4. Each team shall comprise of either eight players or ten players (if managers agree). The Board recommends clubs play with 10 players when they can. If either side appears with less than the agreed number, the players that will make up the pre-requisite number of batting pairs will be the batsmen that have posted the lowest scores in the earlier overs.

5. Each game shall consist of one innings per side, each of 16 overs duration (for 8-a-side matches) or 20 overs (for 10-a-side matches).

6. The batting side shall be divided into pairs. Each pair shall bat for four overs and shall change at the end of four, eight, twelve and sixteen (for 10-a-side matches only) overs.

7. Batsmen shall have unlimited lives, but each wicket falling shall result in FIVE runs being deducted from the total.  No batsman who is out for any reason shall face the next ball.

8. Batsmen shall change ends at the fall of a wicket, except on the last ball of an over.

9. Each player on the fielding side must bowl with the exception of the wicket-keeper. No bowler shall bowl more than three overs.

10. 2 runs will be awarded for each no-ball or wide in addition to any other runs scored, but no additional delivery will be bowled. For clarification, in the last over of the innings, 2 runs will be awarded for each no-ball or wide (in addition to any other runs scored) and an additional delivery will be bowled.

11. In ALL matches, no fielder, except the wicket-keeper, shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards, measured from the middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off side.

12. Each team shall commence with a total of 200 runs.

13. The winning team shall be the side scoring the higher number of runs after deduction for the fall of wickets.

14. Three points shall be awarded for a win. Two points for a tie, regardless of any difference in the number of wickets lost. One point shall be awarded for a defeat or where an aborted match cannot be re-arranged for any reason (subject to General Competition rule 3.2).

15. At the end of the season, the teams scoring the most points will be deemed winners of the respective leagues. In the event of 2 teams finishing on equal points, the net run rate will determine the winning team.