2014 AGM

At the 2014 AGM held on February 11th the following motions of note were passed:

Coach Education

That this AGM notes with disappointment the lack of Community Coach Education courses organised in the South District for 2013/2014. This AGM feels that there is sufficient demand within South District for a number of courses aimed at different player environments and instructs the management committee to:

•          contact all clubs within the District to identify the demand for coach education courses

•          approach those schools it can to identify the demand for coach education courses

•          approach the ECCB to obtain a greater commitment to delivering Community Coach Education courses based within the District

Youth Competitions

That this AGM notes with regret that some clubs played District and regular A team players in B teams within the Youth Competitions in 2013. Whilst recognising that there can be availability problems this AGM feels that picking better players for B teams to ‘make up the numbers’ is a breach of the Spirit of Cricket which can result in demotivating young players and distorting results.

This AGM therefore agrees that in future, where such incidents are drawn to the management committee’s attention shall be treated as breaches of the South Essex District Cricket Board’s Code of Conduct and dealt with under the existing Disciplinary Code and Guidance.

In addition there were changes ot the financial year, to the aims and objectives and the committee composition. These are all reflected ni the Constitution which is published on the website.