Southend Cricket Festival

Management Committee Members of the South Essex District Cricket Board are extremely disappointed to hear, through national and local media, of the decision by the General Committee at Essex County Cricket Club to immediately cancel the Southend Cricket Festival, thereby ending a tradition in our area which dates back over 100 years.

The South Essex District Cricket Board, representing the interests of its community-based member clubs, will take all reasonable steps to support the local campaign for the reinstatement of first class cricket in Southend to ensure that our sport has the highest possible profile and consequent development opportunities.

We attended a public meeting at Southend Borough Council’s Civic Offices on Wednesday 12th October 2011.  To see the notice for this meeting, please click here.   The South Essex District Cricket Board has also communicated with Essex County Cricket Club on this issue and the correspondence can be viewed by clicking here.

This matter will also be on our agenda at our next management committee meeting which will be held in November.  We would like to thank Southend Borough Council and the Southend Cricket Festival Task Force for hosting an excellent presentation at the public meeting on 12th October, which has been widely reported by the local media and also appears on the BBC website.   Click to view.