How to enter a Full Scorecard

In order to submit results, you need to have either club or team administration rights for the particular club or team you wish to enter a result for.

By entering a full scorecard, on scorecard acceptance, all players involved in that particular scorecard will have their stats collated to their profiles.

To enter a full scorecard, make sure you are logged in to

1.     Click ‘Admin’ from the main menu
2.     Once in this section navigate to the ‘fixtures’ tab

3.     The fixtures will have 3 states, “Waiting” meaning the fixture is upcoming, “Overdue” which means the fixture has been but no result has been accepted, and “Result” which means the fixture has an accepted result. You can submit a result to a fixture with any of these states.

4.     Ensure the filters are set to the correct date range and teams you wish to enter results for. Select the fixture you wish to enter a scorecard for.


You will then be taken to the fixture details page where you need to:

5.     Navigate to the “Scorecards” tab and select ‘Enter Full Scorecard’


You will then have to work your way through the following categories, filling in all of the details of the match:

6.     Match Details: Clubs and TeamsGround DetailsDateMatch TypeThese columns should already be populated with the correct details that the competition administrator set on the creation of the draw and fixtures. However it is worth double checking that everything is correct before you click ‘next’

7.     Player Selection:Team PlayersClub PlayersPlayers Selected – Batting OrderHere you will select the players that played in the match by either double clicking their name or dragging them across to the right hand box. Once you have dragged the players across, you can move them up and down the order by dragging again. When complete, click ‘next’ to move to the second part of the player selection details which is entering the opposition team.

8.     Captains and Wicket-Keepers:Team 1 captain and wicket-keeperTeam 2 captain and wicket-keeperSelect the different captains and wicket-keepers from the drop down list  for the 2 participating teams, once all filled out, click ‘next’

9.     Match Toss & Result:You have to ensure that you have entered the match result for the match. If this is not complete your scorecard will default to ‘abandoned’ as no result is entered. Once the result has been entered, click ‘Start Innings’

10.  Once you have progressed to ‘Start Innings’, the next part of the process is to fill out all of the innings details such as: Batting ScorecardInnings ExtrasInnings TotalsFoW/RetirementsBowling Scorecard

Once all details have been correctly and fully entered, click ‘next’ to advance to entering the details for the 2nd innings.




Please Note: Everything you enter on the full manual scorecard is exactly how it will appear on the completed submitted scorecard. There are no formula or algorithm in this form that will automatically total fields for you.

11.  Once the 2nd innings has been successfully completed, click ‘Submit Scorecard’ in order to upload the scorecard to the competition. Alternatively you can select ‘Back’ to go back to the previous page. If it is a 2 innings match you will then be asked to select bat-on or not and ensure the players for the second innings are the same.

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