How to enter a Basic Scorecard

In order to submit results, you need to have either club or team administration rights for the particular club or team you wish to enter a result for.

To enter a basic scorecard, make sure you are logged in online at

1.     Click ‘Admin’ from the main menu
2.     Once in this section navigate to the ‘fixtures’ tab

3.    The fixtures will have 3 states, “Waiting” meaning the fixture is upcoming, “Overdue” which means the fixture has been but no result has been accepted, and “Result” which means the fixture has an accepted result. You can submit a result to a fixture with any of these states.

4.     Ensure the filters are set to the correct date range and teams you wish to enter results for. Select the fixture you wish to enter a scorecard for.


You will then be taken to the fixture details page where you need to:

5.     Navigate to the “Scorecards” tab and select ‘Enter Basic Scorecard’


6.     Select both the home teams and away teams result for the match

7.     Select which team batted in which innings

 8.     Select each team’s overall runs, wickets and overs for their innings, and the result of the innings(eg. Finished overs, All out…)
9. If you would like to make a special mention of a player performance or event from the match you can add notes to an innings. To do this select the “Add” button for the appropriate innings under the ‘Notes’ heading and type the information into the free text field. If it happened on a specific over or ball you can mention this, else you can leave it a 0.0
10.     To confirm the submission of your scorecard, click the green ‘Submit’ button. Your scorecard and result have now been submitted to the competition administrator for approval.Please Note: All details entered into the basic scorecard are exactly how they will appear in the final submitted scorecard. Players will not generate stats from the submission of a basic scorecard.

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