How do I Submit a Result as a Team Admin

To enter a scorecard, make sure you are logged in to and follow these steps.

1. Click ‘Admin’ from the main menu
2. Once in this section navigate to the ‘fixtures’ tab
3. Ensure the filters are set to the correct date range and teams you wish to enter results for.Locate the fixture you wish to enter a full scorecard for and click ‘Scoreable’

Please Note: If the fixture does not show as ‘Scorable’, clicking ‘Accepted’ will bring up the same options to enter a scorecard for that particular fixture. It simply means the fixture has already had a scorecard submitted that has been accepted. Multiple scorecards can be submitted.

You will then be taken to the fixture details page where you will need to:

4. Click the orange drop down box in the top right hand corner
5. Select ‘Enter Full Scorecard’ or ‘Enter Basic Scorecard’

6. Follow the steps provided in the manual scorecard, select next on each page after filling in as much information as you can.
7. To complete click “Submit” on the last page.

Your result has now been submitted to the competition administrator to accept for the fixture.

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