U15 Peters Cup Rules

The following is an extract from the Portman Building Society U15 National Club Championship, for which the Peters Cup is a feeder competition:

The Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 2nd Edition – 2003) shall apply with the following exceptions:

In all Matches:
  • Matches shall consist of one innings per side.
  • Each innings shall be of 20 overs duration. A minimum of 10 overs a side will constitute a match. If the number of overs available to each side are not equal then run rate will be used to decide matches prior to the Regional Finals. In Regional and National Finals the Duckworth/Lewis method will be employed.
  • No bowler shall bowl more than four overs in a match. In matches of less than 20 overs per side the number of overs per bowler will be reduced pro rata.
  • The team scoring the most runs in its innings shall be the winner.
  • Junior Fielding Restrictions – see Under 15 league rule 6. The Team Manager shall be responsible for identifying to the umpires any players who are in the Under 13 age group or younger.
  • Law 40.2 – Wicket Keeping Gloves – Please refer to Generic Playing Condition 8.
  • When a batsman reaches or passes the personal total of 50 runs they must ‘retire’ and will not be allowed to return. A batsman can continue their innings beyond 50 if their ‘retirement’ would end the innings before the agreed number of overs have been bowled.
 In S.Essex District Board Competitions
  • The team scoring the most runs in it’s innings shall be the winner.
  • In the event of the scores of each team being equal, the winner shall be determined as follows:

a) The team which has taken the greater number of wickets

b) If still equal, the side with the highest score at the end of 19 overs. If still equal, the score at the end of 18 overs, 17 overs etc.

c) If still equal, 5 players shall be nominated to bowl 2 deliveries each, alternately by team, at the wickets from the bowler’s end, the team scoring the most hits shall be the winner. In the event of the number of hits being equal, the above 5 bowlers shall be nominated to bowl alternately in a sudden death bowl-out, until a winner has been achieved.

  • In the event of a rain-curtailed match, the match must be re-arranged in conjunction with the local competition organiser. However, if weather permits, the winner can be decided by bowl-out as defined in 7. above, providing both team managers are in agreement.