South Essex District Cricket.

Welcome to the South Essex District Cricket Section.

We have developed our District programmes to fundamentally open as many doors as possible for our young players to progress towards achieving their maximum potential, whether that is a solid grass roots cricketer playing in the lower echelons of the South Essex Cricket League or representing a first class county or maybe even England in years to come.

Our programme are designed to educate players to become good young cricketers. To guide them on a path of self-discovery who can independently work on their own games and take what they learn with them back to their clubs.

We also work very hard to establish other good life disciplines such as sportsmanship, competitiveness, etiquette, alongside dealing with stress or anxiety in high-pressure situations and coping with failure in a positive manner. The ambition here is to help them develop maturity, resilience and strength as a cricketer. Improving these underlying attributes will also prove invaluable in their education and life in general.

The information contained under the Youth Cricket heading will give you an outline to the squads we are running, and player participation. You will also be able to find useful information such as training times and fixtures, as well as information such as costs and other important information needed as a parent or player.

SEDCB Winter Trials

In order to maintain the number of players progressing through the system and to provide development opportunities for those who show promise, the SEDCB runs winter trials before the squads are selected. Those eligible for trials for the South Essex District Cricket Board youth teams are:

• Players who play for a South Essex based cricket club

• Players who go to school in South Essex

SEDCB Winter Training Squads

Winter training squads usually commence in the first few weeks of January. The purpose of these squads is to develop players holistically as cricketers, to improve skills that already exist and develop new skills that will allow them to compete to a higher standard.

Programmes usually consist of 8-10 sessions (dependant on which squad) lasting 1.5 hours. Sessions will be broken down into warm-up followed by a number of activities designed to improve fundamental skills as well as technical, tactical and physical skills involved in playing cricket. Squad members will benefit from the presence of highly qualified coaches who will be able to provide effective technical feedback to support their development as all-round players.