Our Constitution


The organization shall be known as ‘South Essex District Cricket Board’, hereinafter referred to as ‘The Board’.


The following are the aims and objectives of The Board under the guidance of the England and Wales Cricket Board through the Essex County Cricket Board.

•          To raise the standard and profile of District Cricket – to have an oversupply of quality players pushing for the County Squads.

•          Make the experience of District cricket enjoyable and players to feel proud of representing their District Board

•          At youth level to run inter-club and inter-district cricket and to organise trials for District and County teams.

•          To maximise the opportunity for all to participate in and enjoy the game of Cricket through District and community experiences.


Membership of The Board is open to any organisation, club, or approved educational establishment within the area of the South Essex District Cricket Board.  Membership is not open to individuals.


Annual subscriptions shall be made to the Honorary Treasurer by the end of May each year.

The following affiliations define your club’s category.

Gold Affiliation

Gold Affiliation is mandatory for clubs who normally run a minimum of three sides on any day.  Gold affiliation is available to any others clubs requiring the range of initiatives detailed for it.

This will entitle the club to ECCB help with the following:  Youth Cricket, Grant Aid, Women’s and Girls Cricket, Development Plans, Facility Development, Disability and Coaching.

Silver Affiliation

Silver Affiliation is mandatory for clubs who normally run a maximum of two sides on any day.  Silver affiliation is available to any club requiring the range of initiatives detailed for it.

This will entitle the club by application to the ECCB for assistance with any two of the Gold affiliation initiatives.

Bronze Affiliation

Bronze affiliation is available to all clubs who do not qualify for either Gold or the Silver Affiliation.

This will cover affiliation to The Board not requiring any other help.

This will be the Affiliation available to schools at a reduced rate.

Rates of membership are as defined by the Essex County Cricket Board and England and Wales Cricket Board.


Application for membership shall be made to the Honorary Secretary in writing, giving details.


The President shall be elected annually at the ensuing Annual General Meeting, and shall serve for a term of one year.  He shall be eligible for re-election.  He would normally be a person who has given extensive service to the management Committee of The Board, normally in a capacity of an Officer.  Should a person not fulfilling that criteria be available or willing to stand as President, it shall be in order for the membership to seek a person who has fulfilled extensive service to Cricket in the area to fill the role.

Vice Presidents shall be elected for Life.  Any retiring Officer or Management Committee member may be elected by the membership to the office as Vice President at an Annual General Meeting.


In addition to the President, The Board shall annually elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, at the Annual General Meeting, as Officers.  All Officers shall be able to be re-elected.


Once elected Members of the Management Committee shall, to the best of their abilities, represent the entire membership of the South District.

There shall be:

  • 8 general management committee members
  • 1 management committee member from Womens’ and Girls’ Cricket
  • 1 management committee member from Disability Cricket

8a. The management committee may seek to co-opt representation from the

  • ACO – Southend Association
  • ACO – Thurrock Association
  • ECCB GA – South Essex area
  • ECCB Coaches Association

if these organizations are not represented amongst the individuals elected under rules 6, 7 and 8 above.

Representation on local Sports Councils throughout the District shall be sought where appropriate.


The management committee of The Board shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year.  All members of the Management Committee shall be able to be re-elected.

The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt during the year, if they consider any person who meets the requirements of the constitution and rules, to be of benefit to The Board.

Essex County Cricket Board shall appoint a Cricket Development Officer to serve on the Management Committee. Notification of their nominee shall be made to the Honorary Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting.


An officer, or member of the Management Committee, who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without reasons accepted by the remainder of the Management Committee, may be asked to resign from his position forthwith.  Ha may take any appeal against this decision to the next General or Annual general Meeting of the Board.


Each member club must make every effort to attend all General and Annual General Meetings.  They may send any number of delegates, but only one may speak and vote on behalf of the member club.  The delegate must be nominated by the club prior to the commencement of that meeting.


12.1 Management Committee

The management committee shall meet at least three times per year, dates and venues to be agreed by them.  The Hon Secretary shall notify members of the management committee of dates, times and venues of meetings 14 days prior to the meeting date.

Any six members of the management committee, including officers, may form a quorum for a meeting.

The Management Committee shall be empowered to appoint Sub-committees with terms of reference as required.  Such Sub-committees shall have the power to co-opt from member organisations as deemed necessary from time to time.

At a Management Committee of Sub-committee Meeting, each member shall have one vote and in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman (or his deputy) shall have a second or casting vote.

12.2 General Meetings

The Board shall only hold one General Meeting per year, which shall be classed as the Annual General Meeting.  Six members clubs may call an Extraordinary General Meeting by notifying the Hon Secretary of their intentions.  Such time shall be given to allow the Hon Secretary time to give all member clubs 14 days notice of such Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Board shall hold its Annual General Meeting in February of each year.  Six clubs shall constitute a quorum for such a meeting.

In the event at an Annual General Meeting that a fully constituted quorum shall not be in attendance, the following course of events shall take place:

i           After thirty minutes of the commencement time of the meeting, the Chairman shall cancel the meeting.

ii          A new date for the meeting shall be fixed, giving all members twenty one days notice of the re-arranged meeting.

iii         The numbers attending the newly organised Annual general Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

The existing Officers and management committee shall remain in office in such circumstances until the re-arranged Annual General Meeting.


Members are encouraged to invite visitors to any meeting of the Board in addition to the official delegate.  Visitors will not participate in the activity of the meeting without the permission of the Chairman.


Only one vote may be cast by each member.  In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.  Voting at all General or Annual General meetings shall recoded by delegates standing in their places and showing their hands, until the votes have been counted by the appointed teller.  Voting for Officers or members of the Management Committee shall be by ballot if any such election is required.


Nominations for Office and Motions for the Annual General Meeting must be received by the Honorary Secretary by the last day of December.  All nominees must have their nominations seconded at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominators must ensure that confirmation has been obtained from a nominee or their intention to stand for election either as an Officer or Member of the Management Committee, before submitting the nomination to the Honorary Secretary. Nominations being forwarded not under the aforesaid instruction, will be considered by the Management Committee to be void.

The Honorary Secretary shall circulate an Agenda for the Annual General Meeting to all members not later than 14 days prior to the meeting date.

No new nominations or motions shall be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.


No person shall receive payment for their services, except the reimbursement of legitimate expenses incurred in the execution of their duties, which must be submitted to the Honorary Treasurer for approval by Management Committee.


The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies, which shall be paid into an account at an authorised bank on behalf of the Board.  Accounts shall be kept of all receipts and payments and such accounts produced as required by the Management Committee.  An annual audit prior to the Annual General Meeting shall be made and a full statement of the accounts for the preceding year issued at the Annual general Meeting.  The Honorary Treasurer shall circulate the audited accounts to the membership at least twenty-one days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  An auditor shall be nominated by the Management Committee annually to examine all accounts.  An Auditor’s Report must be submitted by the Honorary Treasurer to the Annual general Meeting.  Cheques on behalf of the Board shall be drawn by the Honorary Treasurer and countersigned by the Chairman, Honorary Secretary or other authorised Management Committee member.  All property belonging to the Board and any goods for sale shall be the responsibility of a member of the Management Committee.

The Financial Year shall end on the last day of September each year.


It shall be in order that under exceptional circumstances, The Board may make donations for such purposes as agreed by membership in General Meeting.  Such proposals must be made in advance of the General Meeting, to the Honorary Secretary in writing, giving at least six-week’s notice of such a motion.  A two-thirds majority of members present and voting shall pass such a motion.  Similarly, it shall be in order for The Board to purchase such capital equipment that may be loaned or hired to members.


Where an Officer, or member of the Management Committee, accepts responsibility on behalf of The Board by appending their signature to any legal document involving business of The Board, that signature will be accepted by The Board after the business has been passed by the Management Committee, thereby releasing the Officer or member of the Management Committee, from personal liability.


These can be brought by any member of The Board against the President, and Vice President, duly elected Officer or member of the Management Committee, for conduct uninspiring of confidence, or by actions deemed to be detrimental to the good order, dignity and/or well-being of The Board.  These motions will be by written notification to the Honorary Secretary, to be received six weeks prior to the General Meeting to which the motion will be raised.  On receipt of such written notification, the Honorary Secretary shall immediately notify the accused person of the substance of the complaint that has been made.


It shall be incumbent on members to accept those decisions agreed by the membership in General Meeting.  Failure to accept such decisions, and act upon them, may result in termination of membership.

Members, who by their actions bring disrepute upon The Board or Cricket shall be suspended from membership by the Management Committee and recommended for expulsion by the membership in General Meeting.  Notwithstanding the above, members shall have the right of appeal to a General Meeting.


The Management Committee is empowered to deal with any matter not provided for in the Constitution and Rules.


In the event of the dissolution of The Board, properly moved and seconded, and carried at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose, the assets of The Guild shall be sold and all monies remaining after settlement of all outstanding accounts shall be distributed amongst the remaining fully paid up members as at the date of dissolution.

The dissolution of The Board shall be administered by the Officers and Management Committee in office up to the Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.


All members of The Board shall, by the fact of their membership, be individually and collectively responsible for honouring all contracts and agreements made by the Management Committee on their behalf, subject to their prior knowledge and approval.


Any alteration or amendment to this Constitution and Rules shall be submitted by formal motion to the Annual General Meeting and approved by at least two third of the membership present and voting.

Such alterations or amendments shall come into force at the conclusion of the Annual general Meeting at which they were approved.