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Last call for nominations for the Coach Support Worker’s Course

Currently there are insufficient nominations to run the March Coach Support Workers’ course.

I need a minimum of 16 nominations by February 29th for the course to be run. If we get 16, additonal nominations will be accepted until one week before the course or when we have 24 – whichever occurs first.

The course is due to be held at Woodlands School in Basildon on Sunday, March 29th.

At the post 2014 season Youth Managers’ meeting there was a clear desire expressed that clubs needed locally run CSW courses. The Management Committee took this on board and organised two presentations. So far the response has been under whelming with the first presentation cancelled due to insufficient interest.

If you know anyone who should/ wants to go on the course (minimum age 16) please tell them to send me their application ASAP. If they can’t send it then email or call me to reserve a place – the paperwork can catch up.

Level 1 Scorers Course

Starting 23rd February 2015

The tutor for this course is William Morrison

To be held at Wickford Cricket Club

Address: Patmore Memorial Sports Ground, Runwell Road, Wickford, Essex SS11

Please contact William Morrison on 01268 732031 or for more details

Tips for drafting motions for the AGM

Motions must be written so that clubs can respond with a simple yes or no vote. The action the committee is expected to take to implement the resolution should be clearly set out in the motion.

Motions you put forward should follow the CLEAR guidelines: Concise, Legal, Economic, Action-based and Realistic.

  1. Concise — Are you clearly and concisely proposing what should happen so the committee can implement the proposal without the need for any further decisions?
  2. Legal — Does this type of proposal have to meet any special legal requirements (for example, child protection legislation)?
  3. Economic — Does the motion approve the necessary funds? Are the funds available in the budget or will a special levy be required?
  4. Action-based — Is there a clear action to be taken? Is a time frame specified?
  5. Realistic — Is the proposed action achievable? Is it something that other clubs are likely to support?

If the motion is internal to the District, the Management Committee or officers mandatory language may be used e.g. direct or instruct.

If the motion is aimed at those outside the District (e.g. the County), it should use non-mandatory language e.g. recommend, request, urge, ask, encourage, call upon, thank, congratulate, deplore.

Check the grammar. Make sure the motion does not contradict itself. Use short, simple sentences. Use inclusive language. Make the motion sufficiently informative but do not overdo it. If necessary submit a background paper to fill out the detail.

Ask someone else to read the motion without telling them anything about it first.. Do they understand what the motion is about? Does it say to them what it says to you? If they do not understand it then it is likely that others will not understand it.

And finally, if you want help feel free to contact me. I don’t need to agree with the motion to help you draft it.

2015 AGM: Request for Motions and Nominations

Motions or nominations for elections to the management committee must be received by me no later than 31st December 2014.


The following posts are to be elected at the AGM:


  • President
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer

Management Committee members

  • 8 general management committee members
  • 1 management committee member from Women’s and Girls’ Cricket

All nominees must have their nominations seconded at the Annual General Meeting. New nominations will not be accepted at the AGM.

Nominators must ensure that confirmation has been obtained from a nominee for their intention to stand for election either as an Officer or Member of the Management Committee, before submitting the nomination to the Secretary. It would help if the nominee could send an email to
to confirm they are willing to accept a nomination.


Clubs are encouraged to submit motions

  • dealing with District issues (to be taken forward by incoming Management Committee)
  • on County issues, to submit to the Essex County Cricket Board.

Correspondence details

Send your nominations and/or motions to reach me by 31st December 2014.

M Humphrey
South Essex District Cricket Board
60 Stambridge Road
01702 547712

07906 021941

Notice of 2015 AGM

The 2015 AGM of the South Essex District Cricket Board will take place on Tuesday 10th February commencing at 7.30 at Eastwood CC.

Attendance at the AGM is compulsory for affiliated clubs. Non attendance will result in a fine being levied on the club.

Members are encouraged to invite visitors to any meeting of the Board in addition to the official delegate.  Visitors will not participate in the activity of the meeting without the permission of the Chairman. In particular youth team managers (as well as Club Youth Section Coordinators) are encouraged to attend.

NatWest U19 Club T20

The NatWest U19 Club T20 will be officially launched across England and Wales on Thursday 16th October, they are formally inviting all Cricket Clubs to express their interest for the 2015 Competition.

This initiative was piloted in 2014 with 4 County Cricket Boards. The pilot was created in response to a piece of insight that stated that young people wanted to play more, with their friends, in a T20 atmosphere and increase their volunteer involvement in club cricket.

If you would like to watch a short 40 second advert on the NatWest U19 Club T20 click here.

For more information please visit


2014 Youth Finals

A big thank you for those who came to the Finals Day at Garon Park on Sunday 7th. The day was a great success and enjoyed by the all the players and parents and due to this it will now become a permanent venue for the Youth finals.

The 2014 season concluded with congratulations to the following trophy winners:

Age Group Winners Runners Up
Under 11 HADLEIGH Rayleigh
Under 11B BELHUS “B” Rayleigh B
Under 13 RANKINS Belhus
Under 13B SOSEMT “B” Leigh on Sea  B
Under 15 ORSETT Westcliff-on-Sea
Under 15B RANKINS Thurrock B

Coach Education

Course dates for 2014/15 have now been released. Please visit for more information.

The South Board are the Essex Inter District 20/20 Champions

team photo

Having won their group which consisted of the Central and Met Boards they met the North District in the final at Billericay last Thursday.

With a little rain overnight and an 11 am start who ever won the toss would have put the opposition in and The North asked the South to bat first. Rahul Ravi unfortunately got a brut of a ball and was out in the 2nd over. This brought together Praneet  Patel and Harry Lockyer who were careful early on and each rode a bit of luck however when the field restrictions lapsed more gaps opened which they found superbly and their partnership flourished with some great shots that found the boundary. Praneet scored a excellent 57 and Harry an equally good 31 and when their partnership ended in the 15 over they had added 93. This enabled the middle order  to straight away go for their shots which they did especially Will Gibbons and skipper Matt Dobson. The final score of 126 was a very competitive score bearing in mind the large boundaries and slow outfield.

Praneet  and Matt Dobson who opened the bowling did as planed and bowled line and length to keep them well below the run rate and this was carried on by Josh Jones and Matt Pasfield. Then enter Harry Lockyer in the 10th over when they were 41 for 3 and had to “tee off”. With the coach questioning the need for a slip in the circumstances Josh Jones took 2 there and the North had no answer –the only thing that could save them was the approaching thunder storms but with 6 for 12 Harry wrapped the game up in the 18 over before the rain set in.

A great win for a great bunch of boys!

Team:  Tom Baker, Ryan Carey, Sam Coehlo, Matt Dobson, Frank Farrington, Will Gibbon, Josh Jones, Harry Lockyer, Finlay Mackay, Matt Pasfield, Praneet Patel, Rahul Patel

Report by Roy Soilleux

U11 – 3 report in 1 !

After our excellent win against the North, we were next scheduled to take on the Metropolitan Miami Dolphins, how would we fair against the city slickers ?

The weather was a little unkind with heavy overnight rain, maybe the wet surface would help the “dolphins” ?

We played the game at Belhus CC and my thanks to them for putting us up for the day and also to Messrs Benson and Fairweather for their help in getting the ground ready for the start.

As for the game , overall we bowled pretty poorly with most of our bowlers bowling wides and no balls, however good fielding and a couple of excellent catches by Adam Sullivan we restricted the Dolphins to 114 … surely not enough?

Well we started ok, but a mix up and our first run out of the day broke our opening partnership. Strong words by yours truly at a drinks break to our batters to stay calm and not take any unnecessary risks was seemingly adhered to by Adam Sullivan and Kaden Threadgold who were both batting well but were both looking to run each other out! At 95 for 3, we were almost their but then our captain fell for a good thirty something and all panic set loose,104 for 5 and suddenly the fingernails were creeping up to the mouth … what then happened is fortunately history, all out 113 with 13 overs to spare … how did we lose that … after 44 years of playing this game it never ceases to amaze. But it also is still very hard to take.

We moved to Rankins to play West. My thanks to Big Brian Petitt for his help in organising the ground preparations.

Pre match chats by the organisers and West looked a useful outfit and so it was, they batted very well with two or three lads hitting the ball very well and hopefully they will have a Essex trial as we all thought they looked very powerful with good technique and a decent array of shots. In the end we were well beat (by 100 or so runs), however defeat here was in my opinion much easier to take, we bowled and fielded well but were beaten by a better side on the day. This game was easy to get over … last Monday is still a case of shaking our heads … how did we lose?….

So two defeats after our initial win, what can I/we do to turn things around, well….

I was given the wonderful opportunity to chat to Manuele Pellegrini and Jose Mourinho, what better way to pick the brains of two of the worlds top managers and hopefully get some winning tips.

The interview started off quite cordially, they both advocated “rotating the squad”, yep I can go with that, Pellegrini emphasised the use of teamwork and 100% commitment, yes absolutely I said. Mourinho liked a pacey attack and I agreed, George and Josh are quite pacey I said, Jose looked a little perplexed.  Then things started to go wrong, Pellegrini said the only way to play was with “one up top”, clearly something was lost in translation and I ignored the advice. Mourinho then leaned over and said the best advice he could give was  to “Not let the opposition have the ball”, now here I had to draw the line, I am all for gaining every advantage you can but this is not cricket. “you cannot do that, they will have us much of the ball as we do  I replied confidently”.

Mourinho looked flushed and rose to his feet “Who is the manager of this team ?” he said, “I am the chosen one” I sheepishly responded……..they stormed off!

Oh well, I cannot stand Chelsea.

Anyway , off to Brentwood to face Central, who had also been beaten by West but by a lot less then we had. Brentwood is a lovely ground but it was disappointing to see that we were put onto a made up pitch, off the square and with VERY short boundaries. We lose the toss and the opposition decide to bat. They start with a left and right hander and once again we do not bowl that well with too many wides and extras. At first drinks they are 46 for 2 (both wickets to Jaime Fairweather) but 21 of those runs are extras. Adam set good field positions and we were fielding well but the change happened when Josh Clarke and Josh Faires came onto bowl. Both lads are decent seam bowlers but if they are honest they had not bowled as well as they can in both the Dolphin and West games but today we saw them at their best. Josh C took 2 for 12 and bowled pacey and straight, Josh Clarke stole the show with 4 for 5 including a hat trick as Central were hustled out for 125 in 25 overs…..a good performance in the end as the outfield was quick and short .

Tea was taken, batting order was handed out…..boys just bat, runs will come.

Our openers were Aravind Ravi and David Jarrett and boy did they bat. David played some lovely drives and leg glances and scored a superb 72* including one six into the trees. Aravind scored 41* with cover and mid wicket drives and both boys ran, called and showed great maturity, skill and determination…….very well played boys.

P.S I have just spoken to Mourinho/Pellegrini and they said if you were not English they would be signing you up !

Onwards to two 20/20 matches next week.

PPS…..I still cannot believe we lost to the Dolphins !